Pre-Production Questionnaire

Please take the time to help us better understand how to convey your message, story or vision by providing us with the following information. Our goal at GPS Studios is for your message to achieve exactly what you need it to accomplish. Keep in mind the most effective message has one primary intent and is targeted to a specific audience.



Contact name:

Contact phone #:

Estimated length of production:

Subject of production:

Person responsible for script approval:

Person responsible for approval of finished production:

Deadline for this production (date by which the production needs to be completed):

Person who will act as authority on production content:

Your budget for finished production: $

Who is the primary audience? (Please be specific with regard to age, gender, skill level, or any demographic information.)

Who are the secondary audiences, if any?

How will the primary audience view this production (i.e., via DVD distribution, on the internet, cable, workplace or school.)

Will the viewing be mandatory, voluntary, etc.?

What is the primary audience’s current attitude toward the topic (eager, skeptical, cynical)?

What obstacles do you know about that might interfere with the production’s goals?

What is the main point that you wish to make in the production?

After viewing this production, what do you want your primary audience to KNOW:

to FEEL :

to DO (what action do you want them to take):

If you could leave just one thought in the audience’s mind, what would it be?

Thank you for taking the time to share this vital information with us. We look forward to

working with you on your project.


Please return this completed questionnaire to:


GPS Studios

Attn: David Arnold

234 Main Street

P.O. Box 2362

LaGrange, Georgia 30240



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