Getting Started

First Meeting GPS Studios will meet with you to discuss your project or commercial needs in detail. In this meeting we will gather as much information as possible to have a thorough understanding of the message, story or vision you want us to create.  We will also go over final usage requirements, budget, timeline etc.

Proposal GPS Studios will provide a proposal and or treatment that will include a detailed budget and a timeline for the project.  This will help to confirm that we understand the content and the message that the video or commercial will include.  We will go over the proposal with you and answer any questions you have, and make adjustments as needed.

Creative After we get your signoff on the proposal and quote we will develop a script.  The script will help us and you to see what the final video will look like. With the visuals on one side of the page and a narrative or voice over on the other you will be able to walk through the segments of the video easily. The script will be our road map to create the project.

Pre-Production Pre-production for a video or commercial shoot entails internal planning, including: logistics, certifications and insurance, casting talent and voice-over, scouting and securing locations, preparing shoot schedules and travel plans.

Production After all the planning we will film your video or commercial at predetermined locations or here in our studio.  This will include setting up cameras, lights and sound recording equipment and in some cases working with on-camera talent and or extras.

Post-Production Once the filming is over, we will transfer the footage to our edit station and begin the edit process.  This is where all the pre-planning pays off.  The digitized footage will be assembled on a “Timeline” along with voice over (if applicable) and graphics to create the project.  Any needed color correction, music and animation will also be added. You will of course have the opportunity to review the video and work closely with us during post-production process. This is crucial, since we want you to be delighted with the finished production.

Delivery Your new production is delivered to you in your preferred medium:  DVD, compressed web movie, or broadcast-quality master.